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How to Build a Property Portfolio in 2018.
Learn about the range of components available to help you in the current economic environment, and into 2018.
How to save time and stay in control by using a unique ‘modular’ approach.
How you can build a strong yet flexible portfolio, that's tailored to your specific requirements.
Know how to react to opportunities with certainty, and achieve your goals faster.
Discover the top ten property pitfalls that most people make, and how you can easily avoid them in the 2018 market.
Get crystal clear on the types of property that will pay you.
Understand the pros and cons of key real estate strategies.
How you can lead the market, rather than be led by it.
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What our clients are saying…
Lisa is an Australian resident returning home after working overseas.

Returning to Sydney after living in the US for more than 20 years, I was concerned about what I might be able to purchase, given the hectic pace of the market. I wanted something special, and Crave worked relentlessly to help me find the right property. They advised me on properties I thought were interesting by showing me their flaws and limits, and recommended properties that were closer to my ideal. In the end, I purchased what I think what absolutely perfect for me. Crave found the property, highly recommended it, and saw that every detail of the purchase and the property were as I had hoped. I can’t recommend them in higher terms. What a fantastic service. I am as happy as I can be with my new home!
– Lisa
Alison wanted to purchase a positive cash flow property for her SMSF. She already knew the area she wanted to purchase in, but just didn’t have the time to search and negotiate the acquisition.

Crave was great as they really understood exactly what I was looking for. They worked very quickly, which meant I didn’t have to re-negotiate any financial approvals. They found me a low-maintenance house, close to the local shopping centre, which will produce good rental returns for me. They coordinated everything, which was essential as I live in NSW and my purchase was in QLD. I would definitely recommend Crave’s services and will use them again for my next purchase.
– Alison
Mike originally was looking to purchase a new property in a new suburb on the outer rim of a capital city.

Crave found me a property that matched my criteria, but they also found an amazing property that was twice the land size of what I thought I could buy. Crave outlined the range of opportunities I would have to add value to this property in the short and longer term, so we went with the larger property. I am really happy as the property has already increased by more than 10% in capital growth, and was positive without the use of negative gearing right from day one.
– Mike
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